While this may be a generalization, it feels like more and more people are in a rush to get married these days. Especially when you're living in the limelight, it can be difficult to find a suitable partner that can deal with the flashing cameras, the constant attention, and the time away from each other. Musicians are busy and, when it comes to their primary source of income, touring usually does the trick. However, when you're on the road for much of the year, you don't really get many opportunities to nurture and grow with a significant other. That's usually why artists will date other artists. Because they understand the struggle. Fetty Wap is a newly-married man, tying the knot a few months ago with a woman named Leandra. It turns out that they may not have been a perfect match because, from the first week of their marriage, she knew that she wanted a divorce.

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

In an exclusive report by The Shade Room, it is being said that Fetty Wap and his wife Leandra are officially done. In fact, she knew they would be separating a week into their marriage. Once they exchanged vows, Fetty allegedly started showing his "true colors," which did not sit well with his wife, according to insider sources. In addition to cheating allegations that Leandra has made against Fetty, it is also being reported that he's in a whole other relationship. Fetty also reportedly laid hands on her with the same source noting that he emotionally, physically, and mentally abused her.

Last night, the New Jersey rapper was trashed by his baby mama Masika Kalysha, who called him a "toxic ass n***a." Looks like Fetty Wap might not be the most lovable dude once you get to know him.