Fetty Wap got his chain snatched by a long time rival's crew last weekend leading to Raheem "Fuzz" Thomas' arrest. Later, the altercation led to a shootout and TMZ reports that Fetty's crew are the ones who shot first. According to the website, only their shots landed.

Reports state a crew member possibly suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the thigh as they attempted to retaliate Sunday morning. Fuzz Thomas and his Muscle Team associates confronted Fetty's group in a Paterson, New Jersey deli. A TMZ video allegedly showed Thomas brandishing a gun. Sources say he pistol-whipped someone in Fetty's entourage and then robbed Fetty and the rest.

The violence escalated as a member of Fetty's team reportedly shot at Team Muscle. According to TMZ, two shots landed on two of Thomas' guys. While escaping, the gun apparently fired in the shooter's waistband, hitting his thigh.

Police say two men were transported to a hospital and a third later checked himself at another hospital. Thomas has been booked for gun possession and assault. It's unclear whether he fired a shot at all. Meanwhile, Fetty Waprefuses to press charges.