Fetty Wap has fired his assistant for reportedly stealing $250,000 from him, but she's not going down without a fight.

According to TMZ, the "Trap Queen" rapper canned his employee Shawna Morgan on Friday for lying about being the rapper's booking agent and manager in order to charge additional fees to those that booked Fetty. In other words, she supposedly collected legit booking fees on behalf of RGF, Fetty's production company, but then also emailed those bookers after the fact, asking for more money while pretending to be his manager.

For her part, Morgan is denying the "double dip" allegations, saying instead that RGF owes her $250,000 in unpaid expenses. Apparently, she used her own credit card to cover tour expenses, including hotels, only to never see that money reimbursed by Fetty's company.