Fetty Wap’s one-time tour employee, Shawna Morgan, is accusing the rapper of stiffing her out of roughly $242,703 as well as "nearly ruining her reputation" by trash-talking her in the press. According to court papers obtained by BOSSIP, The “Klassy” artist will head to court in New Jersey next month for a suit from ex-employee Shawna Morris, who is suing him for breach of contract and defamation.

Morgan claimed that, in exchange for working for Fetty and his company “Fetty Wap Touring,” the rapper agreed to pay her between five and ten percent of his the profits from his performances. She recalled often having to spend her own money on tour-related expenses, and Fetty saying he would reimburse her. However, she asserted that by early 2017, Fetty’s payments started becoming delayed, before stopping altogether. In total, she said, Fetty owes her $242,703.

Prince Williams/WireImage

The plaintiff said that the final straw for her, however, was when Fetty made several public claims against her, including that she’d stolen money from him and had been double dipping – i.e. charging Fetty’s company as well as clients. She said Fetty’s alleged falsehoods had damaged her reputation and work prospects.

After Fetty failed to respond to the case initially, the judge ruled in Morgan’s favor by default. Fetty managed to get the case reinstated, and then both sides went to arbitration. But after the arbitrators ruled that Fetty and his company pay Morgan $160,000, Fetty asked for the case to head back to trial, which is now set to start June 11.