It appears, Fetty Wap's ex girlfriend Lezhae Zeona has given birth to a healthy baby boy on Saturday. Zeona showed off the pregnancy on her Snapchat, as seen below. The newborn is said to weigh “six pounds, 12 ounces.” This is their second child together, they also have a daughter named Zaviera to their credit.

In January, Fetty and reality star Alexis Skyy welcomed a premature child to the world. The newborn was placed in an incubator where her condition has steadily improved. That brings his baby count to: 2 in 2 months, and 7 overall. 

The players involved have not played nicely with another, and it's been up to Fetty Wap to keep the peace in his ever growing camp. Zeona and Skyy have been pretty much at war with each other. Even Fetty's other baby mom Masika Kalysha took a few running shots, suggesting Zeona and Skyy were destined for single parenthood, ouch. All in all, Fetty is probably in over his head, I hope he has just as much as fun raising his child as you would expect. Does that '1738' come with a love seat?