They may not be together anymore, but back in October, Fetty Wap and Love And Hip-Hop's Alexis Sky revealed that they were expecting their second child together. Despite having a tumultuous relationship at times, the pregnancy indicated that perhaps the former-couple was moving forward on better terms. Fans of the couple know that Fetty has had moments of weakness, in which he ended up cheating on Sky with another Love And Hip-Hop actress, Masika Kalysha; in fact, they actually ended up having a baby together. Clearly, Fetty Wap has a type.

Unfortunately, the former couple was hit with some alarming news. Alexis Sky was recently admitted to the hospital over pregnancy complications, which is an understandably scary experience. Yet Fetty ultimately came through for his baby mama, and spent the entire time by her side, making sure she and their new baby were healthy. Wile waiting at the hospital, Fetty took to IG live to interact with some fans, informing them that Sky was doing well, and that their baby girl was still doing well. In the footage, you can see that the man is clearly sleep deprived, but you have to respect him holding it down for him family, and looking to be there for his unborn child. 

While Fetty is currently in a relationship with another woman, it seems as if he's ultimately on good terms with Sky. There's moment in which Fetty goes to visit her in the hospital bed, and finds her scrolling through his Instagram feed, laughing as she bumps one of his songs. Here's hoping that all goes well for Fetty, Alexis, and their new daughter.