Fetty Wap got fed up waiting for food to come his wa(-aa-aaa)y at a New Jersey Olive Garden, and decided to walk out before his meal showed up. According to TMZ, Fetty claims he and his squad were posted up in the restaurant for two full hours anticipating their main course, at which point, the rapper threw down a hundred dollars and headed for the door.

The thing is, the restaurant says the final check came to $160, making Wap's walk out something of a dine and dash. According to the staff, Wap was only there for 30 minutes.

Having dined at the Olive Garden before, we're going to have to side with Fetty on this one. If he truly waited for two hours for his meal, we commend his decision to walk out in protest.

Either way, we don't see this having any lasting consequences, other than Fetty steering clear of the restaurant from now on.