Earlier this month, former "Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood" actress/singer Masika Kalysha revealed that she was pregnant and that the daddy is none other than Fetty Wap. The Paterson rapper featured on Kalysha's September single "Andale," and according to her, the baby is a result of the collaboration, as they went from the studio to the bedroom in the same night. 

Fetty was as surprised as anyone to hear the news, and his initial reaction was that Kalysha was after his bankroll. It now seems Fetty and his potential baby mama have spoken in private -- well, not so privately, as the details of their recent exchange have been revealed to TMZ. Sources close to Kalysha told the website that Fetty requested that she terminate the pregnancy. 

Kalysha responded by telling Fetty she feels believes abortion is murder. Fetty's response: "You obviously don't believe in condoms either." 

The details then get a little sketchy, as the same sources explained that Kalysha had taken the Pill before sleeping with Fetty -- but to no avail. I guess abstinence is the only foolproof means of contraception...

Once Kalysha conveyed that she was set on having the baby -- as evidenced in the below tweets -- TMZ reports that Fetty sent her a text message implying he has no plans of helping out with any parental duties: "I ain't comin round helping yu none of that I'm lettin yu no now." 

Well, Fetty, it's not always that easy. But the Remy Boyz leader is also set on going forth with a DNA test to prove that he is, indeed, the father. According to Kalysha's Instagram, she has been pregnant for six months.