Consider yourself warned: pick on Fetty Wap and he'll try to maim with a bundle of cash. That's exactly what happened during spring break in South Padre, Texas when a concertgoer got in Fetty Wap's face about his dissatisfaction, relative to the price of admission. The New Jersey rapper,  although seemingly unbothered at first, did eventually flip his wig after the concertgoer yelled out, "fuck your set." Within seconds, Fetty was right up in his personal bubble with bad intentions coursing through his brain.

And yet, Fetty Wap circled back, after assessing the incident "less than critical." But the fan persisted by bringing up the dollar amount he paid for his ticket: a whopping noninflationary $40. Fetty paced back to the mob encircling the angry fan, then asked for a head count, at which point he dug into his pocket producing a wad of "blue hunnids," tossing a good number of them in the air as compensation. 

As blasphemous as it sounds, wasting a couple of c-notes not only diffused the situation, but it probably made lifelong fans out of each and every person on the scene. Take this into consideration, $100 could feed an undergrad for a full-semester if they stuck to ramen.