Queens native David (last name unknown), son of kosher tequila magnates, had the honor of Fetty Wap performing at his bar mitzvah over the weekend. According to TMZ, Fetty earned $50,000 for the performance, and gave David $1,000 in hundred dollar bills so that the newly minted 13-year-old could make it rain. Clearly this was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Fetty performed for the lucky bar mitzvah-goers from a chair (David was up there with him), as he is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered in a September motorcycle accident. Although he demonstrated that he is able to walk weeks ago. His trusty sidekick Monty was present, and it is unclear if Fetty performed anything other than "Trap Queen."

Watch footage from the bar mizvah below. Who is luckier, this kid or the one who had Nicki Minaj perform at his bar mitzvah?