Police are considering Fetty Wap's involvement in a New Jersey assault Friday evening, after the victim suggested that the rapper may have been one of the four people involved in the attack. 

According to NorthJersey.com, a man working at ShopRite was slapped by a woman while he was working the checkout. He then alleges that two men and another woman joined in the altercation. The victim has claimed that Fetty may have been one of those involved. The report states that the group believed the victim was insulting their friend when they began attacking him.

The only injuries sustained were minor swelling of the face. The victim has declined to press charges, but may do so at a later date.

Some footage has arisen from the scene, but police are not so sure they can make an arrest based on the lack of evidence. “Maybe it looks like him,” said Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg . “We can’t go by, uh, it looks like him. We need more evidence than that.”

Watch the clip below.