If you've been waiting around for New jersey singer Fetty Wap to re-emerge from the shadows, it's about to happen because the star has just announced his plans for a comeback. Much like Soulja Boy did last year, Fetty is prepping himself for a late takeover in 2019, hoping that his upcoming body of work is good enough to get him back into the conversation. After appearing on stage during 50 Cent's Power premiere at Madison Square Garden, the rapper got clowned in the comments section for "falling off." Fif actually defended his friend by saying he simply was having issues with his contract and once he figured things out, he'd be back in the game. It all happened pretty quickly because now, the man already has plans for his takeover. 


After posting a photo of himself to social media, Fetty's fans rushed to the comments to ask when they can expect some new music and he actually delivered. One person asked him what would be coming next and Fetty divulged all the details in a reply. "Album October," he wrote. "No more games."

Clearly, the singer is done with being an underrated figure in the industry. He knows his worth and he's well aware that his voice is one of the most unique we've ever heard. Welcome back, Fetty. Can't wait to hear it!