It’s no secret that Fetty Wap loves going fast. After the scary crash he had on his motorcycle last September, it appears the Remy Boyz leader is channeling his need for speed in a different medium: video games.

The game is an offshoot of mobile game Nitro Nation Stories. It’s a street racing game, that features multiplayer, car customization, and different storylines to follow. The game has partnered with automotive brands like BMW, Nissan, and Cadillac to give the game a realistic feel. The Fetty Wap version will integrate Fetty Wap and Monty into the storyline, although we doubt Fetty’s crash will be included.

“Fetty Wap has great taste in cars, that’s what makes him so perfect for this game,” Creative Mobile co-founder Vladimir Funtikov explained about the partnership to Complex. “We’re really excited to have such  stellar hip hop star partnering with us, he’s got talent and a great team behind him.” The partnership doesn’t end with just Fetty’s image; the game offers “Real Rewards” from Fetty Wap for performing well in the multiplayer arena, such as concert tickets and free swag.

The game is free, and will be available on phone, tablet and TV (via Apple TV) starting May 3. Both Apple and Android users can get in on the fun. In the meantime, enjoy this IRL video of Fetty Wap whipping around on an ATV.