Fetty Wap gave back to his town in a major way yesterday when he handed out grocery gift cards to a crowd of hundreds of people in Paterson, New Jersey just before Easter long weekend. 

Fetty, born Willie Maxwell, posed with fans and even joked that he may land a few invites this Sunday. 

"I hope somebody gives me a couple invitations," he said, via North Jersey.com."Anything I can do to help especially with my hometown I’m going to always be there." Fetty said he knows the struggle with food stamps and struggling to make it during the holidays. Last November Fetty gave away 500 turkeys for Thanksgiving for his third year in a row. 

In other news surrounding the rapper, he recently welcomed his second child in two months making him a father of seven children in total. Fetty's ex-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona welcomed a healthy baby boy at the top of the month while Alexis Skyy welcomed a premature baby in January.

Fetty's got a big heart and his moves to support his city has not gone unnoticed.