Fetty Wap Feat. Remy Boyz "679" Video

Trevor Smith
May 14, 2015 13:43

Fetty Wap and the Remy Boyz squad up in the "679" video.

We recently took you through some of the hidden gems on Fetty Wap's SoundCloud, one of which was the West Coast-influenced "679". Apparently it's also one of Fetty's favorites, as he's released a video for the track today. While he has his share of party starters, this may be on the New Jersey rapper's most celebratory jams, so you know he had to bring the squad out for it.

The video reflects the fun-loving feel of the song, as Fetty and the Remy Boyz take over a mansion, sipping their favorite drink, and hanging with some beautiful women. Do you think this one could be another hit?

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