When Fetty Wap stopped by the office for our "Crew Love: Remy Boyz" profile, he brought along the other two members of the Remy Boyz trio, Monty and P-Dice. Right now, "679," currently sitting at No. 5, is Fetty's top song on the Hot 100. The single version of the song features Remy Boyz, both Monty and P-Dice. On Fetty Wap's album, though, it's just Monty, as Fetty recently kicked Dice out of the crew.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Dice explained that Fetty had kicked him out of Remy Boyz in order to avoid a beef with Paterson rapper Tax G, who earlier this year, had called out Fetty for jacking his style. Apparently, though, Tax G's main beef was with Dice, and Dice claimed that Tax G told Fetty there would be no conflict if the Remy Boyz let go of Dice. According to Dice, Fetty abided. 

Fetty has since gotten word of Dice's reasoning as to why he was released from the crew, and he has clapped back in an extended video response compiled by DJ Akademiks. Throughout the video, Fetty asks, "Where the fuck was Dice," claiming that his former crew member only wanted to be a part of the movement after they were playing big-money shows. 

Fetty also claims that Dice wasn't on the original version of "679," the title of which refers to Fetty's birthday (June 7, 1989). Apparently Dice had, behind Fetty's back, decided to remix the "679" recording while Fetty was gone in L.A.

"Dice was never a part of the fucking '679.' Why? Where the fuck was Dice? Nobody fucking knows. We called Dice on my birthday, and he didn't show up." 

He claimed he released the Dice-featuring version of "679" because he wanted to boost his friend's career, but he became frustrated when Dice began demanding equal compensation for their performances together, when Fetty Wap was the act being booked and not "The Remy Boyz." 

The final straw, though, according to Fetty, came when Dice had tried to get in between Fetty, Monty, and another close friend, Buck, by telling Monty that Buck had slept with his baby mama and telling Buck that Fetty had done the same to him. 

"What real brother, right, hits their brother and say, 'I wonder if you know Buck was fuckin' your baby mother...Then what real brother hits Buck and say, 'I wonder do you know Fetty was fuckin' your baby mother?' Wow. You say you wasn't jealous, my n*gga?" 

Fetty then points to the three star tattoos at the top of his forehead and admits that the stars represent Fetty Wap, Monty, and P-Dice. "I told n*ggas on the walk through it was gonna be 3 million apiece. Gotta surprise to let you guys know something: I got what I said I was gonna get. And now it's only two of us."