Fetty Wap took to Instagram recently where he shared the loss of someone very close to him. The artist refers to the man in question as his "lil bro" and "twin" although there are no details as to the man's exact relation to the artist. What is known, however, is just how much the man meant to Fetty Wap, who appeared quite devastated in the post's caption.

“I love you lil bro my twin. R.I.P…” the artist wrote. “I failed you bro I’m sorry…I keep calling ya phone and you won’t pick tf up and that s**t never ring 3 times now it’s straight to vm I love you lil bro I really thought I could get you out before I ever had to make a post like this lil bro like wtf.”

Following the Instagram post, fans and friends reached out to the artist to see if he was doing alright. As a result, Fetty took to his IG story where he admitted that things aren't going well right now and that he feels overwhelmed by the events of the past few years.

“Stop asking me am I ok…No TF I’m not Ok. I done lost so many ni**as that s**t was almost starting to feel normal…but lil brother man it feel like 2017 all over again this same feeling…I know ya slogan “don’t cry for me slide for me” I just don’t know what ima tell my nephew when he ask me why I ain’t make sure you was ok," he said.

Our condolences go out to Fetty Wap as he deals with this difficult loss.