After an American woman discovered via DNA test that she had eight unknown siblings, a bizarre truth was revealed - one fertility doctor in Marion County, Indiana named Donald Cline had been secretly inseminating his female patients with his own semen. According to CNN, Cline admitted in a meeting with his illegitimate children that he had donated his sperm under-the-radar approximately 50 times. His justification was that there were times when he felt pressured to do so because there weren't any available donors - and besides, these women really wanted a kid, so what's the difference?

Cline is currently in police custody, charged with two counts of obstruction of justice (he lied to the police in earlier interactions), but is pleading not-guilty and is vehemently maintaining his own claim of innocence. On the bright side, a whole bunch of people have just found out about their long lost siblings. Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful friendship.