A growing trend on social media by people who are anti-Black Lives Matter has been to mock the death of George Floyd. People of all ages are sharing videos and photos of themselves kneeling on the necks of friends, family members, and even dummies for a variety of reasons. Some people are attempting to prove that Floyd didn't die of asphyxiation while others just want to poke fun at a black man's death. No reason is justified for such a cruel act, and it's reportedly caused FedEx to fire one of its employees after the man went viral.


In a clip that circulated online, a man named James DeMarco is seen shouting at peaceful protesters while on the side of the road. He's joined with a few of his friends as they've surrounded themselves with Trump signs, and DeMarco is spotted mocking George Floyd's death by kneeling on his friend's neck. 

FedEx caught wind of the video and issued a statement to TMZ saying that DeMarco has been suspended."The behavior depicted in the video, which involved a FedEx employee, is appalling and offensive. The employee in question was immediately removed from all FedEx work duties while our investigation is concluded and all internal procedures are followed. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality."

However, a comment reportedly made by the company over on Instagram shows that DeMarco has been fired. Check it out below.