There are many questions surrounding the tragic events that took place on Friday at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston. Eight people have been confirmed dead and many others injured, including a 9-year-old who is currently fighting for his life. As more lawsuits are filed against Scott and the festival organizers, federal authorities are stepping in to investigate the incident.

Image via HNHH. Photo shot by @frankievergara

According to the Independent, the FBI will now be joining the Houston PD's investigation into Astroworld Festival. FBI Director Christopher Wray told reporters that the federal agency will be providing "technical assistance" to Houston's Police Department on the matter. Wray didn't elaborate much beyond that.

The news of the FBI's involvement in the case arrives as fans demand accountability from Travis Scott. The Astroworld rapper's history of creating chaotic live shows that have led to injury has been brought up quite a few times. Most recently, a fan who became paralyzed after getting pushed off of a balcony at a Travis Scott show expressed his devastation to the news.

"He was extremely upset and sad for the devastation to these people and to their families–the people who were killed and the people who were horribly injured,” Howard Hershenhorn, the lawyer for Kyle Green, told TODAY. “At the same time, he was really angry at Travis and at Travis’ team, including his security, etc., because Travis clearly hasn’t learned from what has previously transpired or what previously occurred."

Meanwhile, the rapper has pledged to cover funeral costs for the victims and mental health resources to those affected. He also pulled out of his show at Day N Vegas this weekend while promising to give full refunds to everyone who attended his festival.