On Monday, FBI agents arrested Manuel Flores, a 42-year-old truck driver from El Paso, Texas, after he posted a Youtube video of himself delivering death threats to Black Lives Matter protestors from an account named "Don't CA My TX."

Flores was arrested on a federal charge of making a threat over the internet. The Justice Department released a statement saying: “During the video, the defendant is seated visible only from the knees down with what appears to be an AR-15 style rifle resting on the defendant’s feet.”

"My dream is to take out at least 200 (racial slur), (expletive) savages out," said Flores in the video, according to a criminal complaint. He also allegedly said that he had "500 rounds of something" and dared Black Lives Matter activists to “stop him”.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Flores deleted the video in the presence of the FBI agents. Documents stated that they searched his home and found an AR-15 style rifle and ammunition in his bedroom.

During the investigation, Flores told the agents that he had drunk eight or nine beers and therefore had no recollection of what he said in the video. He explained that he “loves America and is upset about what is going on right now”. 

“Our office will treat any threats of violence against protesters extremely seriously,” U.S. Attorney John Bash tweeted.