Rappers get product endorsements all the time, which is why you might see Vince Staples tweeting about Sprite all the time. That being said, it's always a treat when big brands team up with smaller, more independent artists and allow them the freedom get weird. That's exactly what happened with Father and the Awful Records crew, who apparently wrote a jingle for and directed a unused commercial for Funyuns.

Even though Frito Lay opted not to use the ad, Father still got paid, which is why they decided to release the ad. Watching it, it's not exactly clear why they decided against it. Sure, it's weirder than most ads you might see on television, but if the coveted Millennial demographic loves anything, it's absurdist and ironic humor. 

The commercial, which was directed by artist and Twitter-funnyman Zack Fox, Alex Russel, and Reggie Photo, finds Father posted on his pool floaty, about to enjoy a brand new bag of Funyuns. As he opens the bag, everyone's attention turns to him, and he's suddenly swarmed by ravenous zombie-like people who are desperately trying to get his snacks. However, Father remains unconcerned, and unwilling to share his Funyuns with anyone else. 

The commercial also features a new jingle, written and performed by Father. The song features all kinds of food references, as well as a direct shout-out to Frito Lay as well. While this commercial will never find its way to television, Father and his crew are guaranteed to have a lot more in store. Especially considering their recent deal with RCA Records. 

Check out Father's commercial below.