Fat Nick Hates Sugar-Free Candy & Tries A "Sus Drink" On "Snack Review"

Alex Zidel
November 04, 2021 15:23

Fat Nick explains why he hates sugar-free candy, why matcha is a hard flavor to pull off, and more on "Snack Review."

Florida rapper Fat Nick doesn't think that there's anybody more qualified than himself to host an episode of Snack Review. Nicky Gordo knows treats -- he's got his own bakery that ships out cookies and other goodies nationwide, but on the latest episode of Snack Review, we had the rapper trying out different foods from around the world. Unfortunately, not many of the snacks we got for the Buffet Boys representative were hits.

Calling out everybody doing food reviews on YouTube and saying they're "dogshit," Fat Nick started off by trying some salted corn puffs, which were a success. He moved onto some sugar-free pigs, which the rapper absolutely hated. "I wouldn't eat sugar-free on my worst day, it's dogshit," complained Nick. "It tastes like air with seventy calories. I wouldn't eat this on my worst day."

Not many of the snacks that he would go on to cleanse his palette with did the trick, with Nicky Gordo explaining why he'll never give any food a 10/10 rating. "Nothing's a zero, everything has some rating. [This is a] 1.7, which is dogshit," he said about the pigs. "Nothing will ever be a 10 because 10's don't exist. Everything needs room for improvement. Right? I'm a 9.8, I'm the closest goddamn thing, but there's always room for improvement in everything in life so I can't give a food a 10. And giving something a 9 is insane."

The rapper didn't come particularly close to handing out any 9's, trashing a "sus drink" that his buddy Pouya refused to try, before forcing the rapper to eat a gummy that he wasn't feeling. 

Check out the new episode of Snack Review above to see Fat Nick explain why matcha is a hard flavor to nail with snacks, and much more.

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