Fans are still buzzing about the Verzuz battle between The LOX and Dipset, which took place on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. As it happens, one such fan includes the legendary Fat Joe, who took some time to share a detailed and passionate recap of the monumental hip-hop event.

In a forty-seven-minute clip on his Instagram page, Joey Crack came through with a clutch play-by-play of The LOX and Dipset's epic tete-a-tete. Not only is it a helpful breakdown for those that happened to miss the event, but it's also loaded with hilarious moments, insightful storytelling, perceptive analysis, and hip-hop history. A perfect concoction really, and a testament to the wisdom and charisma Joey Crack brings to the table.  

Fat Joe

 Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage/Getty Images 

Unsurprisingly, many were quite taken with some of the more humorous moments -- and rest assured there are plenty of quotable soundbites, which quickly drove Joey to become a trending topic on Twitter. Such moments include a Jadakiss impression that earns an "A" for effort, his near-willingness to pull a "Lil Mama" and flood the stage during "New York," a desire to see our hip-hop legends maintain strong dental hygiene, an analysis of the moment Drake became "certified," and much, much, more.

In all seriousness, it's genuinely refreshing to see Fat Joe's passion come through; it's already clear that the man has dedicated his love to hip-hop, and his recent transition into an archivist slash storyteller has led to some cultural gems. Be sure to show Fat Joe some love in the comments, and check out some of his commentary highlights below. Who knows -- perhaps we'll see Joe launching a reaction channel in the near future, given how much love he's been getting for this one.