Back in 2016, Fat Joe teamed up with Scott Spina a.k.a Scotty Kickz to launch a high-end sneaker store in New York City. Unfortunately, the store faced allegations of credit card fraud over a year a go and since then, Spina's been battling this whole ordeal in court. Earlier in the year, it was reported that he was facing 20 years behind bars for credit card fraud. However, it seems like he's lucked out as officials have given him a much lighter sentence in comparison.

According to The New York Post, Fat Joe's business partner, Scott Spina has been sentenced to nearly three years behind bars for defrauding credit card information. Spina previously pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a Newark federal court. He was accused of stealing credit card information from customers and defrauding them.

Officials said that Spina used the credit card information from his clients to make purchases for himself without their knowledge. Additionally, he also called his own credit card company to falsely claim that there was fraudulent purchases on his account.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said that Spine confirmed that he obtained or tried to obtain more than $550K in cash or goods.

In addition to the thirty-five month prison sentence he will have to serve, Spina also received three years of supervised release and Judge Esther Salas also ordered him to pay restitution of $516,396.33.