Earlier this week, Eric Benet sparked a bit of conversation after he shared a photo on his Instagram that targeted rappers. Benet's post criticized rappers who's subject matter consist of killing black people, degrading black women, abusing drugs and materialization. He suggested that these people are the "black face for white supremacy." However, there's clearly a lot of people who don't feel the same way about the genre including Fat Joe.

Fat Joe was recently stopped by TMZ in Beverly Hills on Monday where he was asked about Eric Benet's post. Although he initially had no idea what it was about, the cameraman gave him a brief summary. Fat Joe respected Eric Benet's take because it's his opinion but he did share his thoughts on it.

"That's his opinion. I view music as entertainment," he said. "We have different rappers for different messages. It's all entertainment. If you're going to go and live your life behind a rap song, then you're the fool. It's just entertainment, you know?  We make gangster rap, people work out to it. People in the army, navy, they be fighting wars. They be gettin' hyped off our shit. I don't know what he's talkin' about. It's a shame, I love Eric Benet."

In other Fat Joe related news, the rapper recently linked up with Chris Brown on his new single with Dre, "Attention."

Peep his comments on Eric Benet below.