Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, and although celebrations are looking much different than any other year, Americans are remembering MLK Jr.'s excellence on the federal holiday. There are rooms on Clubhouse discussing whether the civil rights leader would be proud of where we've gotten as a society since his iconic speech, threads on Twitter dissecting all that he accomplished to deserve his revered status as a hero, and people across the globe celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. on the third Monday of January. 

On Instagram, multiple rappers, artists, activists, and entertainers have spoken about what MLK Jr. Day means to them, and Fat Joe possibly made the loudest statement in hip-hop, stating that the civil rights icon is the greatest American to have ever lived.

"The Greatest American ever lived," wrote the New York native on Instagram, sharing a picture of the activist. "RIP Dr Martin Luther King jr thank you thank you thank you". 

It's difficult to argue that Martin Luther King Jr. isn't one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived. He is revered today, remembered as one of the core leaders in the civil rights movement. If he's not the greatest, he's definitely up there on that list.

Keystone/Getty Images

To celebrate MLK Jr. Day, St. Louis artist Smino released a new song and video called "MLK DR". Check that out here and let us know if you think Martin Luther King Jr. is the greatest American to have ever lived.