Nov. 10, 2011 marks the 40th birthday of the irreplaceable Big Pun. Eleven years after his death in 2000, the Punisher continues to be remembered for his contribution to rap. To celebrate his life, close friend and Terror Squad partner Fat Joe wrote a sentimental letter to his homie for XXL Magazine, calling him the best father, best friend and best rapper yet to be outdone. --Adelle Platon

Dear Pun,

Happy Birthday my brother! I wish you were here. We would have done it real big if you was here. I know we getting older now. We would have done it big with our families. The world is missing you. Still to this day, I haven’t heard a better rapper yet. God bless you.

When the world lost you, they lost an incredible spirit, an angel. Besides just being a dope rapper, you were always the best father, and you were always the best friend a person could have. Your loyalty and just being a sincere good person is really, really missed.

Right now you probably would have had like 20 platinum albums. To this day, they couldn’t catch your flow. I’m still trying to be better than you, but figured out I can’t be better than you yet. God bless you man and till we meet again. You know we going to see each other again.

Your twin,

Joe Crack