One of Fat Joe's rarest pairs of Air Jordans were stolen over the weekend after only having them in his possession for a few hours.

According to the Bronx-born rapper his "Terror Squad" Air Jordan 8s, which were a 1-of-1 made from the recently released "Confetti" 8s, were stolen at baggage claim in Las Vegas.

He posted an image of the unique kicks on his instagram with the caption:

"Ok look. These were mine for a couple hours. damn baggage claim stole them in Vegas. I don't blame you they are a 1of1. sorry Reggie I guess I gotta charge it to the game #teamjordan #allthewayup #ripconfetti."

Whoever robbed the kicks is going to have a tough time getting any sort of value for them considering they're the only ones in existence and were clearly made for Joe Crack.

Luckily, it looks like Fat Joe still has the white "Championship Trophy" pair that he donned at the BET Awards red carpet.