Fat Joe sat down with DJ Vlad to reminisce about the controversial conversations that came from their longtime friendship. By the end of the interview, Joe makes his way back to the previous comparison he had made between himself and the polarizing rapper on the come up, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

The main reason why the New York native compares his younger self to the rising star is found in their energy. Fat Joe insists that 69 might be on a dangerous path, just like he was when he first came through the gates.

"I hope the kid figures it out and lives. That was the concept with Fat Joe [...] Fat Joe was like a walking time bomb, especially with all that beef with 50 cent and all that."

Earlier in the interview, He addresses his new style of music and his current demeanor that diverges from the "who the f*ck you talkin to" persona.

"I lost 100 million doing that type of shit. I was unapproachable for people tryna give me all types of money for endorsements and all that."

"I'm tryna make money yo, I'm tryna make hits. I already did that."

Essentially, Joey Crack hopes the youngin' finds some guidance that will help him navigate his career. Watch the full clip below.