This morning, Fat Joe has been in the news in response to something he shared on Peter Rosenberg's Open Late podcast. The report has quickly circulated across music sites, resulting in a response from Fat Joe himself, who seems to think things have been misrepresented.

The original story, which we've also shared, finds Fat Joe explaining that Drake could have been on the remix to "All the Way Up." Joe explained that Jay-Z said to him in response to a remix: "[Jay-Z] said 'Look, Joe. It means so much to the history between us, let's not put no one else on the song,'" said Joe. He added in the clip "It definitely could have been Jay-Z and Drake." But alas, it wasn't, and that's not because of Jay-Z's ill will or directive necessarily, it was simply that Hov didn't know who wanted to get on the remix in the first place.

It sounds like perhaps there was just a disconnect between the collaborators-- Drake reached out to Hov to be on the remix and asked for the instrumental, but ultimately Joe decided to follow Hov's heed and keep it between the two.

Joe responded quickly on twitter to the news story: "Fake news jay z did not keep drake off atwu he never knew who would be on the remix he wanted just me him and remy."

 fat joe jay z all the way up remix

We'll keep you posted if any other details come to light.