A few weeks ago, Remy Ma was accused of beating up her Love & Hip Hop co-star Brittney Taylor at an event, leaving her with a black eye. Taylor showed her fans photos of her eye, which appeared to be legitimately injured. However, with a heavy police presence at the event in question, you would think that somebody would have noticed the punch that Remy allegedly threw. With no security footage suggesting that she actually did attack her co-star, the people defending Remy are mostly insisting that Taylor is lying. Fat Joe seems to be on that side, sticking up for his family and posting a message on his social pages.

Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE," said the rapper before speaking about second chances in America. He wrote that Remy Ma has been a model citizen after getting out of jail, becoming somebody that people can be proud of and donating her time to perform a free concert at the event she allegedly attacked Brittney Taylor at. Joe said that Remy has been drug tested time and time again and has never committed a curfew violation so for her to get wrapped up in this drama now means that there's a bigger issue at hand. 

"There were maybe thirty to forty Cops at the Cancer Charity Event not one saw ANY altercation," said Fat Joe. "In a world of everything is on CAMERA there’s no footage of any incident hmmmmmmmmmmm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE my sister will be just fine THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

Remy Ma was released from police custody and her lawyer has stated that Brittney Taylor is being untruthful. Who do you think is telling the truth?