According to the Huffington Post, Rob Cohen, director of The Fast and the Furious, has now been accused of sexual assault by a second woman. Earlier this year, his daughter came forward to condemn him for sexual assault as well. His daughter claimed she was molested by Cohen at a young age.

The new woman, identified as Jane, claims Cohen pressured her into drinking to the point of losing consciousness during a business meeting about a TV pilot. Jane then woke up naked in Cohen’s hotel room as he was assaulting her. She fled to the bathroom where she gained her composure. Cohen then attempted to assault her once more as she exited to the hotel. 

Medical records confirm that Jane sought treatment for sexual assault after their meeting.

Rob Cohen does admit to meeting Jane four years ago but continues to deny any accusations of sexual assault or misconduct. Cohen’s lawyer Martin Singer responded with a 13-page piece saying, “The proposed Story is an outrageous defamatory hit piece, making extraordinarily offensive assertions that my client engaged in heinous sexual misconduct, criminal wrongdoing, and other inappropriate behavior, which are vehemently disputed and denied by my client.” Singer also advised the Huffington Post against running the story “in an effort to feed the ‘Me Too’ media frenzy with this salacious Story.”