Far Cry 5 was released today and fans of the series are feeling mixed about the franchise's latest entry. 

Far Cry is an open world first-person shooter that allows players to explore expansive maps while interacting with locals and taking down the bad guys. The latest entry takes the game away from foreign soil and brings the story home to America. The plot has many chances to make an important statement, but yet developer Ubisoft Montreal strays away from getting too political, which doesn't make any sense when the plot is revealed. 

A religious cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate plans to take over America and spread their religious ideas to the nation. They have a fondness for guns, the cult is mostly Caucasian, and drugs are also brought into the mix. In America's current political climate, featuring a religious gun loving cult as the main antagonist of the game could have been a big moment. Instead, Ubisoft tip-toes around the political implications of the game and chooses not to pick a side, or even make a point.  

Although the plot seems hollow and somewhat politically altered not to step on anyone's toes, the gameplay is still as amazing as past entries. The massive map gives players too many tasks to accomplish, sucking gamers into a title that may take months to complete in its entirety. Taking over enemy camps, side missions with locals that become friends,  and hunting animals and collecting their skins are all entertaining missions that give gamers tasks to accomplish outside of the main story. 

The graphics look amazing, and the gunplay is just as smooth as ever. If entertaining gameplay is what you're looking for, pick up Far Cry 5. If a full story and engaging characters are what you yearn from a video game title, leave this one on the shelf.