Noname is trending on Twitter, Friday, following the release of J. Cole's new album, The Off-Season, which has caused many fans to revisit the debate between the two rappers in 2020. After the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Noname criticized rappers who were staying silent, and J. Cole seemed to take offense when he released “Snow On Tha Bluff." 

On his new track, “Applying Pressure,” Cole raps, “If you broke and clownin’ a millionaire, the joke is on you." Many feel the line comes across as tone-deaf.

Noname, J. COleNicholas Hunt / Getty Images

One user on Twitter explained, "he’s STILL proving what NoName & other leftists have said to be true. That he doesn’t read & has zero class analysis."

Noname recently replied to a fan who brought up the Cole incident on Twitter and shared a similar lyric from her: "I knew who i was thinking of when i wrote that line (myself back when i thought capitalism worked and the people who tore me apart for critiquing bey). either way i was wrong. both lines are offensive/shame poor folks. @ninamonei rightfully pointed this out and i apologize."

When things first heated up between the two rappers, Noname responded to Cole with the track “Song 33.

Check out some of the responses from fans on Twitter below.