To celebrate the 16th anniversary of The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem has decided to release a number of limited-edition collectibles in its honor. We already reported the other day that cassettes were on the way, and now it looks like some MMLP t-shirts, and salvage from Em’s childhood home is going up for sale as well.

Em teased us the other day on Instagram when he posted a picture of his childhood home & its address 19946 Dresdin, leaving us to presume that another project might be on the way. However, that’s not the case (that we know of) and the picture Eminem posted was to promote the collectible items that are now available on his website right now, including an actual brick from that childhood home you can now purchase.

Torn down back in 2013 by the state of Michigan, the panels of wood and bricks that made up Eminem’s home have been turned into dog tags (available in limited quantities) and display pieces, respectively. Each of the 700 bricks comes with a display stand and commemorative plaque, as well as a numbered certificate of authenticity featuring Eminem’s handwritten signature (See gallery above).

Unfortunatley, these items don’t come too cheap: while the dog tags are only $28, the brick and cassette combo is worth $313. With that being said, a portion of sale proceeds will go towards the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which provides funds for organizations working with at-risk youth in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

If you wish to cop something from Em’s childhood, head over to his website here to show your support. (Gifts can be seen in the gallery above)