Primanti Bros., a famous restaurant in Pittsburgh known for their delectable signature sandwiches, has removed all fish items from their menu in support of the Steelers who will take on the Miami Dolphins in the NFL playoffs this Sunday.

The shop announced the move today and says they'll keep fish off their menu until the weekend is over.

“We've been trying to think of what we could do for the team,” says Toni Haggerty, a longtime employee at the original Strip District store. “And then we realized it's more about what we shouldn't do, and that's support anything that comes from the ocean.”

“We know that a dolphin is a mammal, but we’re just hoping people have fun with this,” marketing director Ryan Wilkinson told's Shirley McMarlin. “We’re banning anything with a fin.”

Additionally, Primanti Bros will be giving out prizes like hats, t-shirts and gift cards to Steelers fans who share photos of their non-fish Primanti sandwiches on social media using the tag @PrimantiBros.

The two teams will kick off on Sunday at 1pm, the Steelers are currently 10-point favorites.