Watching Famous Dex fall asleep on Instagram Live earlier this week was funny for all of five seconds. Yes, we know Dex goes hard, and watching him nod off with a blunt in hand was a laughable moment for the abrupt timing of the incident. As soon as the video concludes though, it is hard not to be somewhat concerned about Dex's health. After watching an absolutely ridiculous amount of celebrities pass away this year due to their drug addictions, fans became worried about the path Dex was heading down. It didn't help that Dex admitted drugs played a part in his pass out, although that much was easily discernable from watching him in the clip.

"I'm not going to lie, I was tired and high at the same time," responded Dex to the outpour of concern. Now, TMZ is reporting that Dex's team is also concerned about his drug habits. Sources told the media site that Dex abuses opioids, which is possibly the scariest drug to get addicted to right now due to the fact doctors are handing out prescriptions like water. TMZ reports that "his camp is working overtime to help the kid kick drugs." We pray they succeed in helping to steer him down a healthier path.