At this point, the Dexter ad-lib is becoming one of hip-hop's most recognizable drops. In a game where ad-libs have become an essential lifeblood for the new generation, there are some who feel Dexter reigns supreme above all competitors. Exuberant and animated to the very end, the Rich Forever rapper's debut Dex Meets Dexter album looks to feature ad-libs in abundance, among other creative directions. The two disparate singles "Japan" and "Light" seem to indicate an attempt at versatility, which is appreciated for those seeking a more diverse look from the young talent. 

This Friday will mark the arrival of Dex Meets Dexter, and Famous Dex (or is it Dexter) has taken to Instagram to reveal the album cover. Posted up on what looks to be a "casting couch," Dex sits with a lovely lady-friend while several eager Dexters position themselves around the couple. Perhaps the plan is to engage in an orgy of sorts; is it, however, really an orgy if the majority of participants are extensions of oneself? A question for the philosophers, to be sure. 

Either way, if you're a fan of Famous Dex, the old idiom of "the more the merrier" should very well pose accurate here. If you have yet to be converted, you don't have to much longer to wait; the initiation will soon be upon you. Catch the official artwork for Dex Meets Dexter below.