Last month, a very very dedicated fan who previously tried to steal a plane to go see Famous Dex in concert got sentenced to five years of felony probation. Since the news went viral based on Zemarcuis Scott's crazy stunt, obviously Famous Dex got word of the fan dedication and told TMZ how he plans on doing something about it. 

"Nowadays the internet there's so much bullcrap that I thought it was fake," Famous, born Dexter Gore Jr., told the publication. "It was really real. That being said, I'mma fly him out. I'mma put him in the nicest, biggest hotel in LA. I'mma get him, no tickets to the show, but he's gon' stand next to my DJ. So that means he's gon' come in with me. I'mma fly him out to LA and take him shopping."

Zemarcuis was arrested in the airplane's cockpit and he's banned from Texarkana Regional Airport for the duration of his probation. The 18-year-old must also pay a fine (obviously) and court costs as well as attend a mental health treatment requested by his local authorities. Famous also told TMZ he plans to pay al the fines and court fees for the teen - lucky guy.