Famous Dex' "Japan" Video Is A Flashback To Childhood

Devin Ch
March 17, 2018 14:56

Famous Dex wastes no time, dropping a video for "Japan" a day after its release.

I kind of get the feeling that Famous Dex' visual interpretation of his song "Japan" is a little too on the nose. With that being said, Dexter does employ a few tactics here.

The video begins with two women playing nintendo, only to switch off to a "disc-surfing" Famous Dex screensaver. The references to Video Game Culture don't end there. The green screen captures nostalgic moments in video game history. At one point, Dexter pops down into a squat next to a Mario Kart Racer. Unironically, asian women feature prominently in the video. There's a possibility that someone is going make a case against the  exploitation of orientalist imagery. But on other grounds I will say, the video is well put together and the song is kind of hot, as I've previously stated. So much to unpack if you take the time.

Tell us what you think about the artistic direction. Too far? Too little?

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