Famous Dex has been one of the new school's most dynamic new voices, with an off-the-wall persona reminiscent of Danny Brown's wild younger cousin. And while Dexter has carved out his lane while typically staying close to the so-called "new wave," he's also a student of hip-hop history. In a new interview with Montreality, the Chicago rapper kicked things off by making that fact abundantly clear. "It wouldn't be no Dexter if it wasn't no Nas," says Dex, before continuing to drop knowledge. "If you don't respect the OGs, then fuck you. If you don't respect Snoop, Ice Cube...You gotta respect the Wu Tang, the Mobb Deep, the Method Man, Redman...You know we speaking facts bro."

He proceeds to elaborate on the current state of hip-hop, which has often led to an old-versus-young type narrative.. "I love this hip-hop music stuff right now, it's so cool, it's beautiful, and then on top of that, Jay-Z come back with the 4:44 album, come on, the legend coming back out," says Dexter. "The new wave is so much of energy, I don't think people got time to even hear a Jay-Z song...He just grown man on you, you feel me...if you want to hear real music, go listen to 4:44, go listen to Damn., go listen to Nas. If you want to be entertained and be hyphy, go listen to me, go listen to Lil Pump, go listen to Uzi, go listen to Carti (or Cardi, it's unclear)." 

It's certainly a more positive take than the one Kodak Black issued yesterday, in which he essentially disrespected Hov with a shot to some of his earlier lyrics. If you want to read more about that whole debacle, check the link above. In the mean time, stay tuned for more news from Dexter, and catch the entire video below.