There is definitely a trendy wave right now in hip-hop that many new school rappers are trying to hop on. As time passes, we begin to determine which movements will stick for the long run, and which are only temporary. Along with trends come artists that will become iconic in creating styles as well as those that will drop off after their run. Famous Dex and Rich The Kid have been compared endlessly over their careers in music and Dexter has taken time to comment on the status of their relationship and what he thinks it means for the industry. 

Dex sat down with Mass Appeal to touch on a few subjects and when discussing Rich The Kid, he says that they should not even be mentioned together since Rich has been in the game for longer. Dex elaborates, "You can't compare me to him because he been really out before me, like, really into the business, really getting all the e-mails." On people trying to emulate his style, Dexter compared the wave he's on to legendary basketball players, saying, "I'm really proud of that. It's like [Michael] Jordan, you know, look at LeBron [James]. Jordan created a wave that everybody wanted to be like so I'm not really mad at the situation."

Famous Dex is among a class of rappers that rhyme about similar content from their flashy watches to the drugs they consume to the women they are surrounded with. That's the wave right now and Dexter isn't offended when people claim that others are biting his style. Watch the full interview below to hear him discuss his hometown and the success of his singles.