Famous Dex Balls Out Like "Spalding" Or A Fair Haired Dandy

Devin Ch
June 21, 2018 17:52

Famous Dex goes berserk during "Spalding" video shoot.

Famous Dex has gone off the beaten path a few times since releasing Dex Meets Dexter, his major debut. The album summing up his disregard for social ethics, one shoe blister at a time. "Spalding" his latest video single, catches him in involuntary movement. Dexter could be the first rapper of his kind to merit the Spazz Rap template, always making good use of his vinelike dreads, now the color of a violet push-pop.

Famous Dex mixes allusion of mere child's play with more serious threats of retaliation, like a split character missing the point of contact. When sky falls, he jumps on the hood of a car with his neighborhood cronies. The video cuts to low image quality and a gang of women and men canoodling with their handsets turned off. Curiously, Famous Dex released a song titled "I Ain't Talking Spaulding" which seems to make the same allusion to frivolous spending, albeit with a subject-verb inversion. How do you feel about "Spalding?"

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