Famous Dex has been quiet of late, following a violent reaction during a "Shocktober" concert in which the rapper appeared to brandish a gun amidst an exodus of fans. Dex has kept a low profile since the incident, perhaps returning to the lab to focus on his music career. Though he did release Dex Meets Dexter earlier this year, the project failed to make a massive impact outside of his core fanbase. Still, Dex remains charismatic enough to turn heads, and hopefully, the Chicago rapper can captivate the masses on his upcoming go-around.  

The rapper has announced his new album "Wave Creator," and it would appear we have a date to circle: February 14th, 2019. Perhaps the Valentine's Day themed release date suggests a romantic direction, or perhaps he's simply looking to capitalize on some holiday hype. In any case, we're about to get some new Dexter next year. Are ya'll likely to check this out, or not? Sound off below.