The family of a man who died protecting his fiancè during the Astroworld crowd surge that left 10 concertgoers dead and hundreds more injured has sued Travis Scott and Live Nation, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

The family's lawsuit alleges that Mirza Danish Baig, 27, died in a tragedy that was "forseeable and brazenly courted," and that Scott, Live Nation and festival organizers "placed more value on their own financial gain than on the safety of the concertgoers whose money was used to line [their] pockets.”

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Chris Simmons, the family's attorney, said that Baig "sacrificed his life trying to save Olivia from the mayhem of an over-stimulated, unregulated crush of at least 50,000 people," and that his fiancé and brother Basil, who were injured, "are trying to heal from their physical wounds ... but the Baig family and Olivia will never fully recover from the pain of knowing that he suffered such a horrific and preventable death."

According to the lawsuit, Baig "wrapped his arms around Olivia and tried to lead her to safety," before the couple was separated and Baig was "trampled to death." 

Baig's family is reportedly seeking more than $1,000,000 and no less than $200,000,000 in damages, and in the lawsuit, they said they will remember Baig's heroic actions, but will never forget that the tragedy was horrific and preventable.

"Danish was a beloved son, brother, and partner. He died saving the love of his life, Olivia," the lawsuit reads. "Olivia and Basil will spend the rest of their lives living with the memory of Danish fighting to save Olivia’s life before losing his own. In time, Olivia and Basil’s physical wounds may heal. But the Baig’s and Olivia will never fully recover from the pain of knowing that their son, brother, and partner suffered a death as valiant as it was horrific."

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