Seth MacFarlane doesn't really have a chill. Over the course of Family Guy's history, Seth MacFarlane hasn't shied away from tackling any topic or making fun of anyone. It's pretty much the only show on television that could get away with some of the foul things they say. In an upcoming episode of Family Guy, MacFarlane will focus on the Trump administration and the wild things that have come out of the president's mouth including his strange attraction to his daughter Ivanka.

The first clip from Family Guy's episode with Donald Trump surfaced this past week. The clip makes reference to Trump's strange comments he's made about his daughter in the past. Ivanka introduces Meg Griffin to her father who greets her by saying, “Pleased to meet you, Meg. You have a beautiful rack." After Meg thanks the president, he replies, “I was talking about my daughter.”

The upcoming episode will feature an epic fight between Donald Trump and Peter Griffin after something happens to Meg. The show's executive producer, Rich Appel, gave some insight into the episode to Entertainment Weekly.

“In the history of the show, Peter hasn’t been that paternal with Meg, but he certainly likes Meg [more] than he likes Donald Trump, and that’s saying something,” Appel said.

Keep your eyes peeled for the episode.