Fears of a machine-governed society have long been the projections of science fiction authors worldwide. The sick thing, of course, being that a machine uprising would be our own doing, what with humanity's fascination with perfecting artificial intelligence. First, it began with delivery gigs. Then it continued into retail. As jobs dwindled by the day, they said it would never infiltrate the creative arts. How wrong they were. They all laughed at a disturbingly convincing Joe Rogan deep fake, despite cries of "what is the point of this technology?!" But it's worse than we ever imagined: the downfall of humanity is set to be scored by a machine-generated Travis Scott A.I. bot. 
 Travis Scott A.I. Bot

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

The program, as developed by tech company space150, is a bot designed with the sole purpose of mirroring the musical stylings of Travis Scott. To contextualize the decision, Hypebeast pulled a quote from Ned Lampert, space150's creative director: "‘What if we tried to make a song – like an actual good song – by using AI and basically creative directing AI?’" 

And so began the process of creating the Scott bot. Utilizing the words and music prevalent throughout Scott's discography as a reference, the experiments resulted in an original single called "Jack Park Canny Dope Man." Though the lyrics remain largely nonsensical the melodies are similar enough to convince an unfamiliar audience. Especially when paired with an on-brand visual aesthetic, also conceived through deep fake technology. Impressive, space150, most impressive. There aren't enough basins in the world to amass all the drool from wide-eyed record label executives.