Faith Evans is quite candid when it comes to dishing about her personal relationships. This time around, the suitor in question is Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G. Hot tea was spilled on the Drink Champs podcast causing the internet to buzz about grown folks doing grown folk things. In a whirlwind of laughter, the singer reveals some of the dirty the two lovers used to partake in. She admits, "He ate mine a few times. I might have ate his back." The room's laughter intensified while one of the hosts declared, "She reciprocated!"

Evans' loose lips have her looking some type of way now that she is romantically involved with Stevie J. After she dumped the producer last year, she hopped onto another show to spill with Angela Yee. She recalled being hesitant about dating Stevie. Her voice bore an edge of disgust when she detailed some of the furtive glances they exchanged in the handful of years leading up to their romantic relationship. The singer was slightly creeped out, not knowing if he was about to make a move.

Now, the couple seems to be in it DEEP. They have a joint single coming out later this month. The love song is entitled "A Minute." It might take longer than that for some people to come to terms with the information Faith Evans shared about our beloved Biggie.