Faith Evans & Stevie J Shoot A Late Night Romper For "A Minute"

Devin Ch
July 27, 2018 12:53

Faith & Stevie replay the "let me win you back" option in their adventure book.

It's officially Faith & Stevie against the World and I've lost count of the running score. To be honest, I'm happy for Faith Evans as widow finding second life in a mature relationship. Faith and Stevie J who are both in their mid-forties have essentially turned back the clock by reporting for duty in their "skin tights."

The video for "A Minute" opens with Stevie brushing off Faith's suggestion of marriage with cunning gamesmanship. As another couple enters the billiards hall, Stevie grabs his Mrs. by the small of her back, and leads her to the next room. The Cinderella ending at the altar didn't make the final cut for "A Minute," but HNHH users know the hair trigger story which led to their nuptial.

"A Minute" doesn't just fade into darkness when Stevie J opens the adjoining room. The Honeymooners take back the clock in various settings: under rainfall, a shower head, between the sheets, and via cell tower radiation. Yes your eyes don't deceive you, that isn't a Faith body double kneeding her man. Nope that's Stevie with another woman, while Faith holds the other line; What they do is hardly secret.

If this video attribution of "cheating" is any indication, Faith has chosen to live and let live with Stevie as her partner.

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